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Employees need the right search tools to do their jobs effectively. SapieoSoft's Enterprise Search gives you a single point to search across all your repositories of information, including collaboration systems, email, intranet sites and content management platforms.

With enterprise search capabilities based on Microsoft FAST, Apache SOLR and Autonomy, users will be able to find information in the context of their task, receiving accurate information on demand. Productivity will improve as people spend less time looking for information, and more time completing tasks, closing sales and helping customers.

SapieoSoft partners with leading search software vendors to create search solutions that FINDS! We've delivered multiple search implementations to public and private organizations in North America. So we understand how to leverage search to deliver measurable results.
SapieoSoft works towards greater search experience by

  • Create, Enterprise wide search vision

  • Select, Search Platform that suits your need

  • Integrate & Secure, Content Sources

  • Implement, Features to boost UX

  • Develop, Search Applications to support specific user tasks

  • Measure, Evaluate & Improve, Search performance

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Contact us for your requirements to enable you to achieve high performance by helping to anticipate, meet and exceed your customers' expectations more efficiently.