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Enterprise Content Management

Managing the website and above all, its content is a daunting task as ever. In this rapidly changing world, the content featured on your website can never stay static and enterprises are feeling the heat of constantly updating themselves with new content so as to satiate the customer’s growing appetite for fresh content. In such a demanding environment companies need to avoid any delay in refreshing their ideas and content so as to avoid getting reduced to catching up to the competition. Fresh and continually updated web content is what lures visitors to repeatedly come to the same site and linger there for long.

Content Management System (CMS) implementation with SapieoSoft is an effective yet easy-to-use tool that reduces the cost of controlling your business online. It gives you a competitive edge over others by enabling you to upload content in an easier and faster way and the one that streamlines the web publishing process. SapieoSoft has extensive experience and knowledge of content management systems for building customized, scalable and cost effective web based content management applications that will get your business in line with the latest technology and at the same time, requiring a non-technical person to maintain it. Our CMS solutions are customized as per your requirements and specifications. We further allow you to integrate our CMS solutions to your website as well as convert the static content to dynamic.

So, whether you need a small business content management system or an enterprise application for content management, we can assist you in designing, developing and deploying content management solutions based on various technologies including OpenText, Adobe, open source and Microsoft. We have the required expertise in either creating custom CMS solutions or implementing off-the-shelf CMS solutions that will help you edit and publish content on the web and manage documents or digital assets.

Some of the popular and most powerful CMS applications that we work with are:

SharePoint is a business collaboration platform introduced by Microsoft technology that enables organizations to collaborate internally as well as beyond the enterprise. SapieoSoft development team works closely with our clients to help analyze the specific needs of the unique business requirements, discerning how SharePoint might be manipulated to meet those needs, and tailoring the software accordingly through leveraging SharePoint. We specialize in following on top of SharePoint 2010 platform within a single web-based application:
  • Enterprise Portal (Intranet/Internet)

  • Custom Solutions

  • Migration

  • Content Management

  • Collaboration

SapieoSoft is an expert in implementing Adobe CQ / AEM solutions for the Enterprise. We deliver the right experience to your users through
  • Intranet (Internal employees)

  • Extranet (Customers/Partners)

  • Internet (External Web Users)

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